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THIS BLOG is for the descendants of Abel Evans (1812-1866) and Mary Jones Evans (1827-1895). It's purpose to to explore their ancestors, their siblings, and their cousins.

Abel Evans

Mary Jones Evans

We know quite a lot about Abel and Mary's life, as found in Ronald Dennis' book, Indefatigable veteran: history and biography of Abel Evans, a Welsh Mormon Elder (Provo, Utah: Rhydybont Press, 1994). Likewise, most of their direct descendants are reasonably well known.

These descendants have contributed to many family trees. Nevertheless, we still know little, with certainty, about their siblings, parents, grandparents, other ancestors, and cousins. Most of the personal profiles on these trees do not have sources to support the assertions being made.

Fortunately, a renewed interest in family history and genealogy is accompanied by an increasing number of available sources. FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com, FindMyPast.org, and other websites make historical documents available. Many are indexed. Some include digital images that may be downloaded.

Many Evans' and Jones' family members are discovering these sources. The sources often support the assertions on family trees. For this we give thanks to the diligent genealogists who preceded us. But sometimes, often enough, family researchers find evidence that leads us in other directions.

I created this blog with the expectation and hope that those of us doing this work can share our research, explore possibilities, tender our conclusions for critique and discussion, and mutually support each other as we strive to understand and document this family.

We are all intelligent; we will sort this out. But no one person is smarter than a roomful of people. This blog is that room. I hope that many of the Evans and Jones descendants will want to join us. Doing it together; that's what will make the work easier and more pleasant.

This will be a place to post documents, photos, and stories about our Evans-Jones ancestors. It is, also, a place for comments, questions, answers, discussion, and for reaching consensus.

So, I invite you to follow this blog. Comment on what you see and read. Join as blog members so you can post content (send your requests by email). I also ask that you invite other family members whom you know to be working on these lines to join us as well.

Hela Hapus ! (that's Happy Hunting to us).

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